Hloale encourages parents participation in education




MASERU – The Minister of Education, Mokoto Hloaele, has urged prospective high school and tertiary students to prioritize career guidance and double their efforts in their studies.

The pupils converged the ‘Manthabiseng Convention centre on Thursday in an annual event that provides students opportunities to be assisted in applying for admission to various tertiary institutions without the effort of physically going to get applications forms at their respective campuses.

The event was attended by various institutions of higher learning such as the Lerotholi Polytechnic, the National University of Lesotho and Limkwokwing University of Creative , with South African and other foreign universities represented – these included the University of Johannesburg and the University of Botswana, with all showcasing programmes for prospective students.

Career guidance paves ways for prospective students to have profound knowledge about programmes they want to study, and in his remarks minister Hloaele emphasized that students should work hard in order to enroll for and complete the study programs they want.

“It would be more fulfilling if this event was also attended by parents accompanying their children, so that they help children choose programmes they like,” he said.

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