Cry hangout for the stress ridden



MASERU – People will on March 7 make way to Plush Café to pour their hearts out at a Meet and Cry Hangout-courtesy of S/He Aspiration Movement. Founder of the movement, Limpho Matlakala says the upcoming hangout is a second Phase of a prior meet and cry that was hosted by a sister-organization, ‘The Barali Foundation’.

Matlakala says S/He Aspiration Movement took part in the previous hangout and loved how it drew strength and courage from different people and as a result the inspiration birthed the second phase of the hangout.

Truth is people are burdened and buried by misery hence the meet and cry hangout is one of the most sought after occasions. People need a safe refugee where they could unwind and let out all the pain they carry on a daily basis without the fear of being judged or laughed at. Matlakala, who holds a Degree in Professional Communications, promises that the hangout will be just that.

She says sometimes people need to hear from someone else; someone who has been through the exact same thing or similar. She also reveals that group therapy has proven to help and transform many people’s lives. “It is the cheapest design yet a very exciting way of just dealing with our different demons. I mean, you bring your support structure (close friends or family), talk about these things without being judged then hear from your newly found family an opinion or advice that is not clouded by anything since attendees will be strangers to you,” Matlakala says.

She indicates that they are a movement that is focused on good mental health for everyone. Matlakala says the sad stories they receive daily through their counselling sector is evidence that people are burdened and therefore need serious effective healing.

“We are trying to develop and embrace the spirit of “Keepers of one another”. I should not die when someone is still around and can possibly have the answers I need. We need that spirit of support and being there for one another without judging or expectations,” she says.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome. Here we share those life experiences that reshaped us or gave us a new perspective of life. Bear in mind the perspective could be toxic, it possibly stole parts of you that once existed and you loved or probably taught you lessons you shall never forget. Some of these experiences were enjoyable but brought unbearable outcomes. This is a safe space to share all that over comfort food and hugs from folks you know and love and those you newly will meet there.”

S/He Aspiration Movement was founded in 2009 to help different groups of people deal with issues of spiritual nurturing, educational support, social empowerment and many more. It intends to work hand in hand in glove with other humanitarian focused organizations, experts in fields they are looking to help people in and most importantly youth entrepreneurs to mobilize their vision. Some of the work the movement does include visiting youth gatherings and workshops across the country, charity and empowerment activities as well as hosting speakers and facilitation of educational and or life skills seminars.

The 27-year-old founder (Matlakala) was a delegate for the 2020 Peace and Social Change Fellowship, Kenya. She further soared her commitment to community building and peace-making initiatives through making it as part of Global Shapers (Maseru Hub). She describes herself as a charismatic leader, self-learned and passionate counsellor, eloquent public speaker and noteworthy life couch whose vision is to positively touch and permanently change over 500 lives per year in communities and beyond.

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