Mr&Miss Culture 2022 roars into life



MASERU – Film Sector Groundbreakers Lesotho has set in motion preparations for the second instalment of the prestigious Mr&Miss Culture Lesotho 2020 pencilled for March 2022.

The pageant boasts M52 500 in prize money; and winners in both categories will walk away M12 000 richer, first runners-up will pocket M6 000 while third placed contestants receive M3 000.

The pageant is open for male and female contestants of all shapes, size and height in the age brackets of 18 and 26, and will also have a television component in the form of a reality show produced on the preparations of the same pageant beginnings on August this year.

Mr&Miss Culture Lesotho is an indigenous pageant that prioritises culture heritage preservation and tourism development in as much as in recognises physical beauty, contestants will be expected to excel in all these aspects.

Registration fee is M50 non-refundable registration fee – down from M150 for the two previous pageants, payable via MPESA and ECOCASH. The closing date for entries is March 30.

The much-anticipated second edition of the pageant, scheduled for March 27, 2020, was called off at the height of the COVID-19 that that brought with it national lockdowns and several restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the pandemic.

Though eventual winners for the 2020 event were eventually announced and given prize money the pageant did not run to the end with contestants strutting their stuff on the stage.

The contest, which runs during the King Moshoeshoe Film Festival during the March commemoration month of the founding father of the Basotho nation, was last held in Leribe in 2018.

Name: Litšabako

Surname: Tšeane

Residential address: Qacha’s Nek

DOB: October 25, 1999

Occupation: Student nurse

Previous pageants: Miss Acajam 2015, Miss Mohale’s Hoek High Schools 2017, Miss DC 2020, Miss Nursing 2019/20

Reasons for joining Mr&Miss Culture: I am joining Miss Culture because I want to showcase my passion for pageantry and the importance of valuing, respecting, loving and embracing culture.

I want to convey to the world that culture is an important aspect in building who we are. It is our root and an important tool which helps us to know where we are headed in life.

I want to teach my compatriots, people of my race and of other races about my language, customs, beliefs, morals and arts portrayed through pageantry – that regardless of how modern and changed the world is becoming we should ALWAYS embrace culture

I should be selected to compete in this pageant because it would be a great opportunity for me to inspire young girls, boys, men and women to value, love and respect their own culture and to bring light the fact that culture can be celebrated in every occasion, including pageantry.

Name: Sello Ralitanka Johnson

Surname: Nyamane

Residential address: Hlotse, Leribe

DOB: June 14, 1997

Occupation: Basic Computing Tutor at CDTI College

Previous pageants: Entered Mr/Miss North 2017 held at Ha Khabo, Pelatšoeu, Mr/Miss Tšehlanyane 2018, Walked at Leribe Fashion Show 2018 and the Street Lock Ramp 2018

Reasons for joining Mr&Miss Culture: The reason I have joined this competition is because I love modeling and I see it as an art form and find it as an artistic expression of escaping the demands of everyday life, to transcend into a different universe, showcase beautiful pieces as well as embracing culture.

From 2017 to date I have been working very hard to pursue my modeling career, I have competed in a few beauty pageants where I gained lots of skills from, I have also done some walkings in major fashion shows in Leribe.

I, therefore, find no reason for me to be denied this lifetime opportunity that will help me attain the goals that I have set forth for myself in the modeling industry.

Name: ‘Mannamo Naledi

Surname: Phalo

Residential address: Mahobong, Leribe

DOB: March 3, 1998

Occupation: Fashion and Apparel Design student at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Previous pageants: Miss Teen Mahobong 2012, First Princess Miss Mahobong 2013 and First Princess Miss LEMS 2016.

Reasons for joining Mr&Miss Culture: I eagerly want to participate in this beauty pageant as a way of boosting my confidence because I believe confidence provides one with unsurpassed power; and once one starts believing in oneself, magic happens.

I would also like to keep our heritage as Basotho going, to influence the same heritage on to upcoming generations, as Beatrix Potter is quoted “I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations.”

Name: Thabelo Victoria

Surname: Ngatane

Residential address: Upper Thamae, Maseru

DOB: May 6, 2000

Previous pageants: Winner Miss Junior Teen Kingdom Nations 2014, Winner Miss Upper Thamae 2016, Winner Face of Lesotho 2018, Top 5 Miss DC Lesotho 2019

Reasons for joining Mr&Miss Culture: I entered this pageant because I believe I am a competitive person and I’m always up for new challenges.

I still want to reach my highest potential when it comes to competing with former beauty queens; and lastly, just like golfer Tiger Woods, you never stop doing what you love most.

I have learned a lot as a former beauty queen who has represented Lesotho internationally, I have learned so much about our culture, our people and our authenticity. I believe Lesotho is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in its own way…and genuinely, with or without the title, I will prove that with whatever means possible.

Name: Rethabile Patricia

Surname: Motsamai.

Residential address: Ha Leqele, Maseru

DOB: March 2, 1998

Occupation: Employed (signed up with Sotho Breed Modelling Agency)

Previous pageants: Second Runner-up Miss Mountain Kingdom Quthing and Miss Mountain Kingdom Maseru 2019/2020 (Tope Model and Miss Popularity)

Reasons for joining Mr&Miss Culture: I have entered this pageant because it holds so much opportunities for us as participants. It has opened doors to modeling, acting, performing and so much more.

I seek appropriate rewards for participating in the pageant be it cash prize, crowns or a scholarship. I am excited about the plans of the organizers to also develop a TV programme.

This is a very big move and it proves that this pageant is not going to be like any other pageants we know, it’s huge and needs dedicated people.

Names: Neo Jeremiah

Surname: Mahula

Residential address: Lithabaneng, Maseru

DOB: January 2, 1997

Occupation: Stock count clerk at Pick ‘n Pay Pioneer Mall, Maseru

Previous pageants: Mr&Miss Easter 2019/2020, Mr&Miss Tradition 2019/2020, Mr&Miss Mountain Kingdom 2019 (Quthing), King&Queen of the World 2020/2021, Mr&Miss Culture 2020 and Mr&Miss World Diversity International Lesotho 2021

Pageants won in any of the usual top three positions in a pageant and mention them: Mr&Miss Mountain Kingdom 2019 Quthing (Top 1, King), Mr&Miss Mountain Kingdom Maseru 2019 (Top 1 King), Mr&Miss World Diversity International Lesotho 2021 (Top 1 King)

Reasons for joining Mr&Mrs Culture: I believe in myself, and that I can bring change in the world that we live in. I have a strong desire for setting a good example to young Basotho and also help nurture their different talents.

Mr&Miss Culture is one of the biggest ever pageants I have participated in of which I incredibly believe will open different doors in my journey as a young Mosotho creative, thus i want continue with the competition.

We are now living in the modern world where culture is being looked down upon; therefore, I am determined to expose my own culture to the fashion industry and make it a respectable and known to the world.

I strongly want to proceed with the competition because I want to explore the industry as a whole, learn it’s corners and grow through the process.






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