MASERU –Mpati Lets’ela is a star writer at 16. Born at Ha Foso in Berea the young woman now has doors open for her to look forward to being an author and business woman in the near future. Letsela who went through Tiny Toys pre-school, Phethahatso English Medium Primary, and Lesotho High School is currently in Form D.

She was in ranked one on the Junior Certificate examination this year. “I am the writer of the story ‘Starting Over’ which got featured in the English Unlocked Grade 9 textbook published by Cambridge. I look forward to writing best and more stories in the future,” she says.

For opportunity Letšela has her high school teacher to thank who realized her potential in essay writing. “A year ago, I was approached by my English teacher to write a short story for Cambridge. It was not something that was new to me, I had written good essays before so it was easy for me to transition to story writing,” she said.

She added further that she would not let this opportunity pass her by because it was preparing her for a dream of being a skilled writer and seasoned author. She said that from this point she hopes never to stop writing because stories play a vital role in influencing daily lives. I am also a business owner, I founded a business called Pandies, which produces panties fitted with reusable sanitary pads to solve numerous problems caused by disposable pads.

“Personally, disposable sanitary towels made me sick, besides having period pains, using disposable sanitary towels resulted in me having lumps on my pubic area. I made a research on the dangers of using disposable sanitary pads and I was horrified. I fortunately found out that reusable pads were the answer to most of my problems because most of the times I and other girls stain ourselves when we have our period unexpectedly. All of those problems were solved by Pandies as I can wear them on or not on my periods.”

“My research made me also discover that 10% of girls in Africa miss school because they do not have access to sanitary products which leads to our main objective of every single impoverished teenage girl who cannot afford sanitary towels in Lesotho to acquire Pandies. These will be purchased by various organizations and donated to them by those organizations in the country,” she added.

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