Lerato Mokokoane sets foot into literary world



MASERU – My, I can, story. What?

It’s a book, it’s a collection of personal stories about a boy who grew up in the countryside, born from a single parent.

Despite growing faced with challenges to make ends meet, he managed to climb the academic ladder to hold a university degree and later patent a clothing brand.

This life story of an achiever-oriented heart provides lessons that are life experiences of the author of the book, Lerato Albert Mokokoane.

“This book entails things that happened throughout my life, in private and in public; those that are bad and good, occurrences of the summer time and the winter season, failures and successes as well as things I wish to accomplish in the future,” Mokokoane explained.

He further went on to say, “I found it worthy enough to disclose these experiences and let people know how I overcame my struggles, faced my fears and turned my failures in to achievements.

I hope this story will act as a stimulation in the readers’ spirits to set new personal ambitions as business persons, investors, innovators and scholars and help them accumulate wealth as a result.”

He says he hopes his readers will each find something in the book, either in a paragraph or just a phrase that will inspire them on their goals so that his sole purpose of this book is accomplished.

Lerato is also an entrepreneur, at the age of 22 he established and promoted a clothing brand, Ekkwaliza. My, I can, story is his first literary  compilation; he has, however, published articles and sonnets as well as inspirational quotes for local newspapers.

He has also worked for several organisations inclusive of government’s Ministry of Health as a researcher and data analyst. Mokokoane  holds a BA in Development Studies and Sociology from the National University of Lesotho.

“This book is inspiration that amazingly covers social and economic areas of life, I heard the author’s voice throughout it and that filled me with hope, motivation and the audacity to face my tomorrow,” the inspired reader uttered. The book was made available in March on online stores such as Amazon, but is yet to be officially launched.



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