The Forbidden Blessing


Pouring Confessions’ author does it again


MASERU – The author of the awe-inspiring poetry collection Poring Confessions is at again, this time she has put together an autobiography about teenage pregnancy – fittingly titled The Forbidden Blessing. Lerato Molati revealed to Life&Style that despite having  penned these two literary works she also wishes to be the best African script writer and poetry performer.

Besides being an author, Lerato is a poetess; she writes, recites and performs in self-hosted shows and those she attends on invitation. She would love to work with aspiring authors and poets in Lesotho, above all she would love to work with renowned South African author, playwright and actor Khotso Nkhatho. “I don’t know in what project but he is one of my inspirers and I would love to work with him on something, as long as I get to work with him,” she says.

“I would love to grow into being an African script-writer, to grow as a published author as well as grow as a poetry performer. That is where I see myself in the next few years.” Lerato started actively engaging in poetry in high school with performances at school events and competitions.

“My professional journey only began after I completed my high school level. My love for writing started back in primary school, I started out as part of the school poetry club which gave me the platform to discover my skills and love for writing,” she says.

I enjoy my personal poetry the most, one that never goes to the public. I wrote two books, one is a collection of poems and the book is called Pouring Confessions, published as an e-book with Amazon, Lerato continues.

She says publishing in Lesotho is challenging, that there are many writers but few publishing companies that can provide suitable services for them.

Interested individuals, she adds, mostly have no idea what approach to take to get their work published; one of the biggest struggles is in financing of the writers who wish to publish.

Lerato, 20, is from Makopo, Botha-Bothe; she went to school at Soofia International School and completed her final year in 2017, currently studying law at the National University of Lesotho doing her first year.

The Forbidden Blessing was published with Oshyn Publications in South Africa, and Lerato promises another book soon “possibly a follow-up on The Forbidden Blessing.”


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