A spiritual breakfast for mothers


As the curtain drops on Mothers’ Month


MASERU – As part of celebrating Mothers’ Month, Mokorotlo Diagnostics and Wellness will host a spiritual wellness breakfast for mothers to mark the closure of the month. The occasion will be held at the Christian Council of Lesotho on Saturday, and will include a breakfast buffer spa treatment, make-up and health check up by nurses – all at M200 cost. Thirty mothers are expected to receive the treat.

“The reason I organised this event is because of the discovery that I made, that women have given up on a lot of things including their families, businesses and well-being due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have experienced abuse, lost their businesses while other went through bouts of depression, so I want us to be together in prayer, counselling and inspirational talks to show them that we can survive together as women,” said Motšelisi Peete from the well centre.

There will be women representing different Christian churches to lead the event in prayer and scripture sharing as part of the spiritual wellness; and a two minutes candle lighting commemoration for all women who have lost their mothers.

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