Limpho tackles the power of sex



MASERU – A life coach, counsellor, accountant and a talk-show host, Limpho Agnes Tšenoli, 41, from Motse-Mocha in Tšenola, is now also an author.

She is also an events planner, another diversion she had sadly been forced to stop because of health and other restrictions brough about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Limpho is plotting a global takeover because she believes she has a divine calling to transform people’s lives.

The motivational speaker is focused on the empowerment of women, development of youth and the upliftment of men to better shoulder their role as family figureheads.

Limpho is a Sefika High School former student who later enrolled with the Centre of Accounting Studies. She presently runs an accounting firm serving small, medium to large enterprises offering accounting expertise.

Speaking to Life&Style about her book ‘The Power of Sex’ Limpho says she had a story to tell and share with the world, the driving force behind her decision to write the book.

“I had so much fun writing this book, The Power of Sex; It was therapy for me. I enjoyed writing the chapters that touch on my ‘encounter with the devil’ and also ‘how to bounce back’. Those two chapters are very close to my heart,” she says.

The book talks about sex, the power and influence it has on people’s lives. It touches on the impact sex has over their lives and how encounters with some people may lead to one’s downfall.

In the book she also addresses what soul ties are and how to break them, the effects of infidelity and how one’s life can be changed “after sleeping with wrong spirits”, among several topics.

Her fans can expect to see more of her, because she is currently planning a nationwide tour for the book when she looks forward to engaging with them face-to-face.

She says she was not compelled by some urge to put a best-seller out there in the literary world, but telling the story she simply wanted to share, for “I actually respect writers for the difficult job they do.

I had a story to share with the world and that is what led to me writing.”

“It has actually been so amazing though and I think I will do it again soon. Actually this is my first time writing professionally, what has thrust me into the spotlight in relation to this book must be my talk show, The LA Tšenoli Talk Show.

“I dream of one day sharing a motivational platform with the likes of Lisa Nichols and Les Brown among the many big names I would like to work with, and that’s because I see myself on a global takeover.

“I want to be everywhere. I have a divine calling in life, which is to transform lives. I have come to accept and embrace it…so the sky is the limit,” she says.

Limpho thinks the literary industry is dead in the country, adding “the industry seems to be non-existent, but there has been a shift in recent years…an exciting boom if one may call it. We just need to have more publishers within the country because truly wonderful stories are being told and Basotho are very talented.”

“The book is also dedicated to younger sisters and brothers who have been asking themselves questions like: why is my life going around in circles? Why am I not seeing progress? Why does it seem like everyone around me is moving forward and I feel stagnant?”


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