Mo-tabz says the sky is the limit



MASERU – Mo-tabz wants to take the local music industry by storm, to become a household name and the Chief DJ in Lesotho.

Born Motebang Dennis Diaho 24 years ago, Mo-tabz was raised in Khubetsoana, Maseru, where the artiste attended school at the Christian Academy High School before proceeding to Ladybrand Academy and later the Pretoria Rostec College to study music production.

“I fell in love with music around 2005 and got inspired by South African DJ Black Coffee back in 2011 when I started developing interest in music production. In 2014 I got a job as a resident DJ at the Sai-woo night club in Ladybrand.

“That is where I realised I have potential with my intrinsic talent of genre blending and energetic crowd control that modelled me into the kind of performer I am today, I took to the level of being a professional DJ in 2015,” he says.

Support from his family has been immense even though at first they did not really like his chosen musical route.

He says “it was hard for them to grasp that I wanted to do music, thinking it would interfere with my studies because then I was still in high school at the time.

“But when time passed, they realised the passion and the love I have for music, and supported me in every kind of way till this day.”

Mo-tabz started playing in different clubs in South Africa and Lesotho and began getting recognition; every event he organised he got a positive response and love from the fans. He says each of these events has been a success.

“I am planning to take the music industry by storm and becoming one of the biggest DJs in Lesotho. I am now busy organising events and working on a project and I will soon be releasing a single,” he reveals.

“One of the biggest gigs I did was a tertiary night that featured A-reece; I was very privileged to perform alongside him. I also did the Castle Lite Unlocks, which really boosted my fan base back in 2017.

There is actually more gigs, but every gig with me is always a big gig because I get to introduce myself to people that do not know me and I always get a positive vibe. I am really thankful for the support and the energy I get from people and mostly thankful to God for the talent,” he adds.

He has been featured in a few events like Defend the Trap, the Victoria Pool Party and the Jungle Party and is set to perform at the Club House in Bloemfontein soon – with a few other gigs lined up in the neighbouring republic.

Mo-tabz would like to work with DJ Tira and Sun-el musician in the music industry.

“I feel like the entertainment industry in Lesotho can actually change if artistes start working together as one and supporting each other because we cannot sit back and wait for the government or someone to change the industry. We are the only people to do that, but lately, especially for the DJs it is something that is already happening and if we keeping working together we could change the game,” he says.



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