Lerato’s ‘Echoes of the Kingdom’



MASERU – Born and raised in Khubetsoana, a poet, author, publisher and Human Resource and Customer Relationship Marketing graduate from the National University of Lesotho brings poets together to enjoy a poetry compilation published through her company Beesting Productions.

Lerato Mohale published her first book in in September of 2017 titled ‘Purpose Forgotten’, a novelette aimed at provoking thoughts and self-introspections. The book covered a range of social issues inclusive of substance dependence and varying forms of abuse, faith and love.

Due to the positive reception and feedback, Lerato was urged to write a sequel of the book titled ‘Purpose Forgotten 2’ which she published in 2019 covering topics like generational curses and inheritances.

Beesting Productions was born as a consequence of the failure of the author to find publishing opportunities locally and from then to date the publishing company has published six Basotho reads.

In an interview with Life&Style this week Lerato further went on to tell this reporter that Beesting was incorporated in December 2017 and “that was after I had published my first novel and I struggled to secure a publishing deal locally.”

She says she then felt the urge to open up the industry and establish a publishing company which is in its seventh publication with the book ‘Echoes of the Kingdom’.

The company trades by the motto ‘building a legacy of words’ which Lerato plans to achieve before she dies.

although we only offer self publishing Echoes of the Kingdom became an exception because it was published in-house.

“Honestly I think the appreciation and participation in literature is growing, it is not yet where I would like it to be but I am glad to see it growing.

However, I have realized that Basotho prefer reading books authored by Americans writers more, comparatively to Basotho in arts entirely, yet I still maintain we will get there because the reception is positive nowadays.” Lerato said.

‘Echoes of the Kingdom’ is a collection of poems from ten poets with 24 poems from local writers as a gift from Beesting for them to achieve their dreams and realize and it is achievable and it is doable, the compilation is available only in hardcopies with the production company and the participating poets.

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