Search for arts talent could create jobs



MASERU – Established with the objective of adopting a talent-centred approach to building the overall personality of the youth and to improve their artistic excellence, the National Talent Search (LNTS) seeks to showcase home-brewed artistry by competing in other Africa countries.

The project was started on February 14 by Rethabile Joseph Lesenyeho in Maseru with the help of 20 youths from other districts around the country.

The core here is to identify and then expose local talent in a variety of sectors such as arts, music, poetry, dance, acting, presenting and comedy.

“The motive behind LNTS is to keep youth busy and away from the streets, to bring them together as one way of avoiding or reducing the rate of early pregnancies, as well as fighting human trafficking that seems to be on the rise.

“The main target with those incredible talents is we are hoping many can make a living especially now that unemployment is a threat in our country.

“There are already some of the youths who are getting employment through their talents exposed by the NTS,” Lesenyeho said.

So far they have covered only two districts with their search, that is, Maseru and Mafeteng. Berea is third on the list with an event scheduled for July 10.

“The talent search has so far has been great, fun and motivating …but the challenges are so many as some sponsors just disappoint at the last minute. Other challenges are that we have not received transport sponsorship to date; we are still paying transport out of our own pockets and that’s a bit frustrating because we are yet to visit eight districts and some of them are very far. But we are hoping for the best.

“Many people have already told us that this is Lesotho such things never succeed. When we started this project I knew it was never going to be easy, but all I ask for is support from Basotho because this can be the next big thing that can benefit all of us,” he says.

After all the 10 districts have been visited, they are going to host one big event where winners from different districts will get to battle it, out each representing their districts. There will be awards, certificates and prize money for the winners.

The NTS has a panel of eight judges, Bothata Kennedy Silase (author), David Mosola (from Mosola TV), Lisema David Ramosoeu (dancer from Notorious Finest), ’Mammatli Mosoang (‘Mametlae Lemenemene), Ramaphiri Ramaphiri (presenter from 357fm), Simphiwe Nzima (poet), Motlalepula (dance and music), Cleopatra Molieleng (music) and Mosebo Khomari.

The event is sponsored by various media houses, entertainment sector players as well as non-governmental organisations in the country.

It is going to be an annual event if it’s successful this year, and the founder wishes to take it to other parts of the African continent.

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