Luna Events’ movie night – The camp trend



MASERU – Event organiser Luna Events and Adventure Club last Saturday created a fantastic outdoor movie experience with patrons camped at the Lancer’s Gap, Lekhalong Ha Ratšosane.

The traditional view on camping is that it is all about the great outdoors, roughing it, and spending time with friends and family, while an outdoor movie night camping gives families a great opportunity to break away from the daily exposure to the digital world and the constant connectivity to entertainment and social media.

Campsite movie night is something people always look forward to; a movie on the big screen under the open sky, smells of campfire and yummy snacks.

While enjoying being a part of nature, it is okay to loosen up a bit. Add some more excitement and magic to the camping experience by packing all the must-haves for a campsite movie night.

Seithati Tlali from Luna Events, says they offered a fun-filled and cozy atmosphere that safely got friends together, to take a break from all the partying. The other purpose of the event, she said, was to gain publicity for both Luna Events and Lekhalong Natural Spring Water.

Tlali says the event went well, adding “even though there were fewer than expected people who came for camping, the number of people who were there to watch the movies was great.”

“We are growing given the number of people they saw there. We even had a client all the way from Mohale’s Hoek. That on its own is a blessing,” she says.

Thanking Basotho for their support, Tlali said the event was what they had prayed for because it was their third Outdoor Movie Night which shows growth. She also thanked the sponsors who made the event a success. “Come summer! We have more events that we believe will blow people’s minds,” she adds.

As an adventure club, Tlali adds, they believe in the majestic beauty of the Kingdom of Lesotho and that her people should just go adventure-crazy since they have many adventurous activities that are mostly held outside Maseru in other districts.

They also want to give Basotho a whole new adventurous experience “which, on the other hand, will give us a cinema feeling which we do not have at the moment from people’s comfort zones. Just grab your bean bag, put on a beanie, grab a camp chair or a tent and come enjoy a blockbuster over a bonfire”.

There are other activities which are going to take place as the year progresses, according to Tlali, “hiking for now, but we will introduce more activities as we continue with this kind of the event.”

Anyone who likes exploring and watching movies and would want to try something new is welcome to join Luna Events’ activities. More importantly, adventurous people who do not mind camping and sitting around bonfires while sharing stories of who they are would enjoy events like this.

Event planning is seen by the outside world as a mechanical process for control freaks and coffee addicts; a complex and requires controllers.

While feelings are almost always the result of co-creation and interaction in the event setting, it is also important to incorporate them into the event planning process to make audience have superbly engaging experiences, Tlali explains.


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