Movie night brings back bioskop days



MASERU – Maseru Central Park will tomorrow play host to pleasure seekers and movie lovers in a ‘Movie Night and a Bonfire’ experience – an initiative to bring people together during the current winter season. The event will start in the afternoon with an interactive music session, with a bonfire experience scheduled to begin in the evening at 1700hrs, followed by poetry sessions by a number of poets from Calibre House Media.

The platform will be open for a few people from the audience, to be capped by a special dance performance by models from Sotho Kids Agency. The feature movie will begin at 1800hrs. The movie will be chosen from popular genres, including horror and romantic comedies, with those in attendance required to vote for their most favourite movie.

“We chose the movie night because we want to revive the old traditions held by our elders where they would go out on evenings to watch movies together as a community – the great bioskop days. “We also believe that with time this will happen frequently; we will grow to become an organisation that promotes oneness among the people and develops strategic plans on how to positively tackle our daily life experiences as we sit together drinking coffee and mingling with different people on different activities, says event organiser, Ntsoaki Machoba.

“We have 18 tickets already sold as we speak but we are not troubled as it is very normal for people to buy tickets on the day of the event. But looking at the response on social media, we can tell that the event is going be a success; tickets are sold at M9, including refreshments,” she says.

“It is our first time to host such an event but of the five we have had previously, three were massive successes. “We have hosted art competitions for primary school children and a dance competition for high school learners from which we received a positive response,” she adds. “Our targeted market is revellers who are able to have fun without limits, people who get intoxicated by the event and demand more…demand of us to bring relevant artistes to the events, poets and guitarists. We are hoping to have people who will attend to leave the place extremely satisfied with the event.

“And most importantly we are hoping to have them come in numbers hence this event is not only about fun but also helping us to raise funds for my long-term pending tuition fees at Machabeng College,” she says. Machoba says following the weekend event their next venture is bound to be better as they will have gained a faithful following and growing to bring more meaning to the event itself.

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