To your perfect winter outing, add a bonfire in the snow



There is something magical about building a fire in snow. The warm orange glow contrasting with the monochromatic winter whites creates an alluring experience evoking a bygone era, says tour guide Tumelo Thejane from Mohloling backyard based in Leribe Maliba-mats’o who serves both local and international travellers. He says there is nothing better than cozying up to a fire when the weather gets cold, adding if creating a lot of heat is the primary goal with a fire pit to ensure that the distant gatherings can continue deep into the winter months, then touring their facility is a good move.

Thejane says adding a bonfire to the end of a snowshoe or ski outing opens up new possibilities for winter fun, especially for those who are not athletically inclined or who generally dislike the cold. “Fireplaces and fire pits allow us to experience the outdoors while staying warm and making new winter traditions with family and friends,” says Thejane. Most of the time, he says winter activities require constant motion to keep warm, noting the minute one stops, the body starts to cool down, and once they feel cold to the core, it is hard to think about anything else.

“When that happens, there is little opportunity to sit and appreciate the natural world. But with a bonfire, everyone from grandparents to teenagers can warm their bones while taking in the sights and sounds of the season,” he says. A winter party with a beautiful bonfire blazing, he says, can be a cozy and fun way to entertain guests outdoors for any winter event. No matter how cold it gets, cheerful company around dancing flames will warm anyone’s heart.

He adds: “Even with a bonfire, however, you will want to take some special care to ensure that your guests are going to be warm, comfortable and safe.” However, he notes that summer is not the only time when fires are dangerous. Whether going on a winter camping trip or using a fire for warmth or light, people still have to remain cautious when burning in the winter. “Do not be deceived by the comfort of the snow on the ground, keep winter fire safety tips in mind,” he concludes.

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