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MASERU – Affectionately known as Jennie Kay to her hordes of fans, Keneuoe Nkuebe, is a singer and songwriter, an illustrator, a painter and graphic designer. The petite 23-year-old multi-talented artiste hails from Quthing, having completed her studies at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where she attained an Honours degree in Professional Design. This is where she says she established a notable fan base because she used to perform at different university events.

“When I was in high school, I was an English Club member. The club also provided time for entertainment; we would sometimes imitate some popular songs with my friend Ithabeleng Kobo…and the feedback and reaction from teachers and students was positively amazing. That is where I got motivation.

“Again, my cousin used to motivate me by persuading me to write my own lyrics, but I was never recording. We both love music and in 2016 I went to Taks Beats Studio to record our first songs,” she narrates. “I sing Trapsoul and RnB, but I can actually try any genre. I recorded my first song ‘Moving On’ in 2016 at Taks Studio, from there a couple of tracks followed.

“I have achieved quite a few things ever since I have been in the industry and some of them are winning the Let’s Go 50/50 KFC competition in which Ntate Stunna and I collaborated on a song and video for that KFC campaign in 2020,” she says. Earlier this year she was nominated and on July 3 won Best Female Award in the Lesotho Music Awards, thanks to the Lesotho Music Blog and everyone who genuinely support her especially those who voted for her.

After this win she came up with the song ‘Ha e hloloe ke moroalo’ produced by Mj Elphy. The song is dedicated to her ability to do everything she loves by herself. She says a lot of people think she is signed or has a manager when they see a lot of great moves in her career. But she says she does everything on her own because she loves music and that the reason she never quits even if she meets challenges is because her family, friends and fans believe in her more than she believes in herself.

“I have performed at different events, including the Miss Maseru 2017, Miss Maseru 2018, Mr & Miss Limkokwing, and a lot of other Limkokwing events because I was a student there. There have also been performances of note at other great events alongside some South African acts.

“And now I am looking forward to performing at events like Keys to the City event alongside DaMthuda and other forthcoming similar events for which bookings are already confirmed,” she says. “Ha e hloloe ke moroalo is dropping this week and its music video will be out shortly in the following weeks. My fans should also expect features from great artists like Omali Themba.

“I am also there on the Hotspot Cypher so they will be dropping a video soon; I have a verse there even though I am not used to rapping but people should expect what they never expected from me because they are used to me singing not rapping,” she says.

“My first song ‘Moving On’ is the one that made me grow; people loved it so much that the first performance of it at Teyateyaneng made me notice I got this. However, ‘Ha e hloloe ke moroalo’ is my favourite because it is new and I see some improvement when I compare it to my old songs.”

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