Women deserve some fun


 As hikers walk in appreciation of women


MASERU – What would Women’s Month celebrations be without a trip to the spa? August is Women’s Month, a time to start thinking of a women’s trip or a solo getaway in and around the world. Here in Lesotho, because we believe women are key in life, Hica-tri Club held hiking for women on August 8, commencing at Moses Residence in Berea, through Marabeng Park to the Berea LECSA Mission – all in appreciation of women.

Mosito Sello, the founder of Hica-tri Club told Life&Style that the event was a success, just as they expected it and that participants also loved it. He said there were three women and three men who participated in hiking. Hica-tri Club is a non-profit making club that envisioned a world where everyone feels welcomed into the adventure community and has access to hiking, camping and tree planting opportunities.

They hope they can achieve their vision by empowering all communities to enjoy, share, and preserve the outdoor experience; advocating for the protection and expansion of adventure spaces; fostering trail and campsite stewardship; and, collaborating with partners whose strengths are complementary to plant and protect trees.

As a national conservation-based recreation club, they work in partnership to build, maintain and protect outdoor spaces and natural corridors so that current and future generations can experience the many joys and benefits of hiking, camping and tree planting, and are inspired to protect this legacy.

They are explorers and they share the love of hiking, camping, and hope they can achieve this through uniting the diverse outdoor community.

For them, hiking and camping matters because they believe in exploration’s transformative power, as it boosts mental and physical health, engenders respect for others and the surroundings while creating and strengthening a sense of community. They also believe that trails and campsites are for everyone, that everyone should feel welcome as a hiker on all trails and camper on sites.

Lastly, they collaborate with partners that complement their strengths and weaknesses, rather than competing. “We convene, amplify, and lead, rather than direct,” the club members say. Exploring and tree planting inspires sustainability, so Hica-tri Club protects the places they love, because outdoors directly engages explorers with their surroundings, inviting deeper personal connections with the land, leading to commitment to care and advocate for its health and preservation.

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