Who says winter has to be boring?


Snow lovers’ best had weekend of the Winter season


MASERU – With cold days and snow blanketing most of Lesotho these past days, some people planned some fun activities for their families and loved ones away from home. Not only can snow be the greatest part of the weather experience, but it also guarantees more happiness than a decent summer season. Lesotho, and some parts of neighbouring South Africa, turn into a winter wonderland when it snows during the winter season.

The past weekend, some parts of the country experienced a cold front, causing a heavy snowfall to hit most parts of the country. Travellers from far and wide travelled to see the snow and enjoyed a number of snow activities, from ice skating, snowball fights to snowboarding. Mpho Molibeli, who had to travel all the way from his home in Lithabaneng, Maseru, travelled together with his family and they say a snowy day feels just amazing – especially when the family has each other for company.

“Of course, some people do not like the snow because it causes disruption, but this can actually be a good thing,” he says. Waiting for the snow to arrive, he adds, is a bit like waiting for a new baby. “You know that it will come at some point, and despite having a rough time frame you still exhaust yourself with excitement waiting for it to arrive.” Again, he says being a lover of snow means one has developed a very thick skin to not only deal with the temperature drop, but also all of the people who do not like the snow.

A tour guide, Teboho Moiloa, from Lilomong Backyard in Katse, highlights that in the past weekend business was booming in terms of profit making as they saw a lot of clients from neighbouring villages and from the lowlands.

He says snowy days can be full of wonder, excitement and fun, and a fresh blanket of snow makes the world seem quiet and new; gives children the opportunity to enjoy themselves outdoors. One thing he has learned, he continues, is that Basotho enjoy snow, and its related variety of activities to ensure that they have most fun in the cold. Snowy and cold weather conditions are common in Lesotho during winter and at times temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius in most parts of the country.

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