Jolly Jaws: For the love of candy




MASERU – Research has shown that eating candy and other sugary treats can have a positive effect on people’s moods. Candy products manufacturer, Liepollo Mpabatsane, loves the thrill that comes with developing just that – something new that people can love.

The 26-year-old National University of Lesotho BSC-Chemical Technology graduate from Mafikeng in Roma, is the founder of Jolly Jaws Pty Ltd, a company which manufactures candy products. Established in August 2021 to date the company produces gummy sweets and hard candy (candy canes).

“I used to work at a candy manufacturing company before I conceptualised Jolly Jaws…and I just loved making candy. I love the thrill that comes with developing something new that people can actually love; it is an amazing feeling,” Liepollo tells Life&Style. “But daily I am faced with the challenge of working with limited capital and resources, making me unable to meet demand.”

She says the greatest success she can point to is that people actually love the candy Jolly Jaws produces. She has, this year, just started making candy canes and clients are loving them too, as seen by her constant statement: “my customers’ support is overwhelming. I supply about 150 shops local from Roma to Maseru with candy.” Liepollo’s target market is everyone, and mostly sells to retailers to ease access to Jolly Jaws’ products for all and sundry.

“What I can tell people who wish to start their own businesses is that they must start; whatever problems they think will hinder their businesses can be solved. “It is only when they are already in business that they will discover that though it can prove hard to start and run a business with minimal capital and resources, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hard work always pays off.” Liepollo sees Jolly Jaws one of the biggest candy brands that will supply the whole country and even export.

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