Tšehlanyane camping tour already a hit



MASERU – Camp Rendezvous will be heading North this month of love to appreciate and recognize the tourism industry. Camp Rendezvous presents Tse Nala Camping Experience that will be on February 26 to 27 at the Tšehlanyane National Park, the experience offers two camp master sleeper tent for the first ten bookings which are already fully booked, palatable dinner meals, bonfire, tour guard, access to the facilities of Tšehlanyane National Park, electricity available and adventure activities like mini hiking, river swim, slip and slide.

Camp Rendezvous is basically tour operator fixed on their mandate which is primarily focusing on promoting camping and adventure in the tourism industry, founded in 2020. Without an iota of doubt the north is expectant with a mélange of natural resources, not only this, but rich in Ecotourism, Bio-diversity, hospitality and culture thus the boom in the tourism industry in the region, therefore CAMP RENDEZVOUS sees it only fair to appreciate and recognize the contribution of the people to the industry and also primarily most of its clients have been longing for a North camping experience because over the past events have been South and Central.

In an interview with Life&Style Camp Rendezvous founder, Bakoena Mokoena, said what is going to make this event extraordinary is an added twist because they are also celebrating the month of love – Valentine’s Day. This will be a first for Tšehlanyane National Park and will be enjoyed just by camping. He said this will be a success because fears of missing out have lingered for some time because of the lingering Covid-19 scare, but mentioned satisfaction now that tourists will now enjoy the rich rugged wilderness, a number of rare fauna and flora unique to this woodland habitat that Tšehlanyane is as advocated in the local promotion of tourism.

They are anticipating a large number of visitors because in the first week announcing the event all the first 10 bookings were taken and currently more than 20 people have booked and they are still expecting more as the dates approach including the day of the event. “It has been quite a journey and some of the challenges we encounter are from the ever changing global warming pandemic where it would either snow or rain during events; but astounding enough is that people adore such experiences but they make our preparations a bit challenging.” “However, our success has been vivid in social media platforms and other travel and tour companies wanting to amalgamate by working together to promote the outdoor as opposed to being exposed to Maseru Night Life, several sponsors have been on board such as ACE African Clean Energy, ECONET, SkyAlpha HD,” he noted

It is not the first time Camp Rendezvous embarks on such event, they have held successful events even though under strict Covid regulations and unfavourable weather conditions. They intend to rope in on more sponsors and inculcate the mandate of promoting the tourism industry in the country, particularly popularising exploring nature and outdoor life to an average citizen and the networking has aided more with their careers by sharing ideas as they have a pandemic with finding jobs Lesotho.

“And now that borders are open more international clients from countries such as Malawi, Botswana and South Africa have shown interest to attend such camping events, this will be good for our local tourism, local crafts, travel, preserving heritage and culture which are mandatory when travelling to these destinations. We have previously been to Metolong Backpackers, Ribaneng Lodge, Malealea Lodge, Ramabanta Park and Grace Lodge.” “We shall be celebrating the contribution of the North people when it comes to tourism industry also Valentine month, we shall have a mini Hike with a tour guide informing us about the richness that Tšehlanyane has and we shall swim in the natural pools, river and a palatable shall be provided while chatting around the bonfire,” he noted.

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