‘I am where I set out to be 5 years ago’



MASERU – The cliché single picture says a thousand words inspired Mosiuoa Mosehle to pursue photography. The 25-year-old man from Ha Matala is a professional digital photographer, event organiser, social media strategist, entrepreneur and founder of sweez.graphs which deals with photograph, videography, visuals and content creation.

In an interview with Life & Style he said he was introduced to photography at school while pursuing an associate degree in journalism and media even though he dropped out later to pursue digital photography online. “I have always loved art as a means of communication and my passion grew from that. I started in 2017, using my different DSLR Canon equipment (cameras) depending on the kind of job there is. I value quality over quantity.”

“I get my inspiration from our daily life experiences. I love researching and learning daily and I always like creating and thinking outside the box,” he says. Mosehle believes the main reason for having extended and multiple streams of income is to try as much as possible to avoid making his passion a hustle. His target market is wide, including small and large companies, corporates, NGOs and individuals. Mosehle thinks he sees growth in his craft everyday as sales and demand improve everyday because of international bookings. He has done work in Durban, Bethlehem, Clocolan, Johannesburg and many other places in South Africa.

“I am an innovator and researcher; I love my art work and it has also given me the benefits that come with the spotlight including endless travels and direct interactive communication with high profile personalities. I had the honour of capturing the late Ricky Rick, Boity Thulo, Emtee, Nadia Nakai, Black Coffee, PH, Areece, Stunna, the late Dimples.” “However, the challenges include restless nights, unreasonable clients,” he states.

When asked where he wants to see himself in coming years, he emphasised that he is not in a rush for any kind of art exhibitions but is expecting more growth. Other than that he says he has no expectations whatsoever and he is where he wanted to be five years ago when he started.

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