Maema eyes the top of fashion design ladder



MASERU – Inspired by Kim Kardashian, Lekhooana Maema, has a collection of fashion designs of women’s undergarments with a touch of glamour. Although he still has interest in men’s fashion designs, he recently made ladies’ lingerie collection that was showcased at the Lesotho Fashion Expo last week where audience were eyeing them with admiration. “What stirred my current ladies’ lingerie collection was the fact that there are no locally made ladies undergarments in Lesotho; they are all purchased from international stores made by international designers,” he says.

He believes Kardashian’s personal style and preferences on fashion inspired his designs also because she seemingly prefers clothes that show a lot of skin. “She also has a taste for bling and things that shimmer and things that have glamor which is one thing I love about her,” he says. He thinks another factor that contributed to those elegant designs was the guide and support of his determined lectures who were always there to help him get his creative juices flowing. They were always there to help him to improve.

The 25-year-old from Ha-Motlere, in Mafeteng has not always been into fashion but when he got to Ntlafatso Skills Training Centre, he ventured into the fashion and his journey began instantly. He is currently a final year fashion student at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT). He also does street wear including clothing items such as bomber jackets, jumpsuits, hoodies, sweatpants and crop tops, which he says were inspired by hints of nature such as butterflies, paradise birds, jellyfish, flowers and many more.

“At present, I am in the middle of my studies and when I am done I would like to specialise in the fabrication of evening wear designs because this is where my heart is. I am keen on design for fashionistas, elite people in society and fashion activists. “I envision myself to be a ruling-class designer cooperating with some of the top designers from around the world,” he concludes.

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