Mixing aesthetic pleasure and profit this winter



MASERU – From street style inspiration to social media trends, there are plenty of fashionable outfits as well as great aesthetic pleasure this winter season – and for fashion trend-watchers Lesotho has not been an exception on outstanding trends this year. This season is all about rocking coordinate outfits such as a full leather set inspired by s bikers’ scene from the ’80s, and this edgy exhibition puts a high fashion spin on the classic combination. Racer jackets with red, black or white colours together with pants are the go-to choice, for both genders.

For ladies, 2022 is not a year for a fur coat in Lesotho. A furry coat is one of the those coats that are out of style this winter, however, this year it’s a leather, bomber and buffer jackets year, Life&Style has been told. Wearing a coat or bomber jacket depends on your lifestyle and the work you do. If you tend to dress more casually – get a bomber or buffer jacket. If you dress professionally – get a coat. If you are looking for something you could wear no matter what you do or how you dress – get a camel wrap coat.

You can wear a camel wrap coat with jeans – casually, or over a dress and pant-suit for work or any other formal occasion. Lepoqo Bereng, widely known as Tekky Lee, is a model and a fashionista, he says this year, of most trending outfits are oversized clothes for both genders – which he also loves and wears. Lepoqo says you can pair these with chunky boots and a bomber jacket.

“…unlike summer where you were simple and looked cool, winter is a bit complicated because you have to have a variety of warm clothing. It’s a bit hard to rock a very nice outfit in winter. One of my favourite trends is leather jackets and pants which are also warm to wear this winter,” he says. On the other hand, ‘Maleutsa Sekepe, who is in the business of selling clothes, says she normally sells winter outfits that will be comfortable and warm for the season like coats, jackets, sweaters, long sleeved items, woolen items, hats and scarfs.

She also goes for shoes (boots and sneakers) for both genders, noting that people buy jackets and shoes more in winter. “Bomber jackets, polo necks, male jackets and boots are the ones in high demand this winter, in dark colors. Well I guess it is because people do not like laundry when it is cold. So dark colours (black, navy and maroon) sell most on the male side and brown, dark green colours on the female side.

To be honest, summer is the best time for business on my side. Things are cheap, people buy most. It’s true there is a lot of profit in winter even though it comes slowly due to expensive things that people scarcely buy and that makes it a little bit hard. Profits are small in summer but they come frequently and that makes a lot of change. In summer everybody buys, mostly females. I am also aware that I winter males buy most and in summer females buy more,” she says.

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