Local brands bomb at the Winter Cotton Experience



MASERU – Local fashion brands failed to make a convincing impression at the maiden Winter Cotton Experience held in Maseru this past weekend. Climax Lifestyle presented the winter cotton entertainment experience in celebration of the country’s energy, passion and individual style of its citizens. Mona indicated that local brands did not show up in large numbers as expected even though some of the audience had worn local made brands, which was much pleasing.

In the event held at the Maseru Club on Sunday, there were 19 artists on the line-up including top names from South Africa such as Reason, Zan D, Musa keys, DJ Zero, Murumba pitch and Juvy oa Lepimpara from Lesotho. From midday until 10:00PM, each artist had a chance to entertain the crowd.  There was also a sales area offering a variety of food, clothes and drinks stalls.

“We wanted people to dress up, come up with the best outfits…dress to kill and we want that to happen with local brands, Basotho to wear local made clothes and embrace our designers,” says Refiloe Mona, one of the organizers of the Winter Cotton Experience. He went on to say, considering the fact that it was the first edition, people showed in large numbers, and they hope next year the show will have even a bigger event of its own.

This was the first edition, the experience aims at bringing together a talented lineup of local and international artists, musicians, rappers, and DJs to perform, showcasing of local brands and promoting the Lesotho entertainment industry. One of the revellers, Koena Morake, told Life&Style that not only did he had fun but was happy one of his favourite artist from South African performed live, saying the feeling was priceless to him.

Climax lifestyle is an independent Lesotho event organizing agency aspiring to be the best entertainment provider countrywide. It was founded in 2017 by a team of young, creative, dynamic, and dedicated students of the National University of Lesotho.

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