The Art of Love unveiled


A poetic journey of feelings and the state of the mind


MASERU – The Art of Love, an anthology of 82 poems co-authored by Acid D and David Majau, will be launched at the Lehakoe Recreational Centre in Maseru tomorrow.The book has two main themes, which are mental health and teenage love, with the most dominant one being mental health.It gives a glimpse into the life of a person struggling with certain mental illnesses, focusing on conditions like depression, anxiety, epilepsy and autism, among others.  Through their poetry book, the authors also want to pass the message that being emotional is not a sign of weakness but a natural way of expression.

Furthermore, they say the underlying theme of teenage love is inspired by their belief that love is a vital component of life, and that individuals from all walks of life yearn for companionship and a sense of belonging.The title of the book may give readers the wrong impression that it is all about love, whereas it is also about mental health.“My favourite poem in the book is ‘The Art of My Emotions’ because as an emotional young male I get to show the world that being emotional is not a sign of weakness but a way of expression,” says Majau speaking Life&Style.“It is my debut book and the first one where I co-authored, but it is not the first book that I have written.”

Majau further says: “Some of my aspirations are to help talented Basotho poets and authors to publish their books and also to write, direct and produce films.”Majau, 22, from Ha Hoohlo in Maseru, began writing poetry in 2018 but says back then it was just a hobby.“I began to take poetry as a vocation towards the end of 2018,” he says, adding that his poems are mainly based on his feelings and state of mind. Besides being an author, Majau is also a nutrition coach who looks up to Paulo Coehlo, William Shakespeare, Mark Manson and Rupi Kaur.

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