Crafting the maiden Tycoon Series Film Festival


Organizers rope in Mopheme TV series’ star in promoting Sesotho productions


MASERU – M30 000 in prizes and . To make the event more interesting and entertaining for the people they are bringing Khotso Nkhato who played as Ts’itso in the famous Sesotho series “Mopheme” and other local actors.Talking about the preparations and organizations for the event, Khulisi says everything is coming up well as they have been preparing for the event for 3 years now before taking it to the public. He is working tirelessly with his team for the success of this event; Candile Ts’oana, Ntsukunyane, Mpaleng Mokete, Lebron Nkole, Liteboho Kuape and Ts’eliso.

Tycoon Series was founded by Khutlisi on the 29th November 2015 and his goal at that time was to establish a theater that would go around high schools performing Educational and informative Sesotho dramas.However, he later realized that with a screenplay, their messages can reach a mass audience compared to going around the schools therefore they stepped into shooting Sesotho Films.

At first Tycoon Series was strictly for Sesotho films but with time they discovered that there was no market, that is when they had to come up with a source of income therefore they brought to life the fashion brand.Khutlisi says it is the fashion brand that keeps their theatre producing films, they take the money from the sales of the clothing and invest it into the films; that is how today we had Tycoon Series Film and Fashion Label brand.

They could have named the brand anything, maybe Sesotho Series but they choose Tycoon Series because their first film which had two parts was named Tycoon Series portraying the life of the famous Maputsoe gang which called themselves “tycoons” which was produced under Carlos entertainment, it was well received and exposed them up so they decided to name their production house Tycoon Series to produce more films going forward.

Film festival is an event aimed at promoting local Sesotho films and film-makers; this is according to Makalo Carlos Khutlisi; the founder and CEO of Tycoonseries Company.The Tycoon Series will host its first ever annual film festival on the 11th Febrauary 2023 at Victory hall, Maseru.

In an interview with Public Eye, Khutlisi said the whole idea of a Film Festival was inspired by his obsession with Sesotho. Getting into more detail about this obsession of his he said he personally feels like they have many Sesotho stories that they haven’t told the world.As someone who has travelled to many countries and is currently based in Europe working there, he says he has never come across any language that is as interesting and beautiful as Sesotho. ‘For me Sesotho is the very best language and first language in the world,’ he says.

He went on to say he feels like there is a need to tell and there is a lot to tell the world about the Sesotho culture and tradition. He says almost all the films he has shot are addressing the tradition and culture of Basotho and the first Sesotho film he shot is the tshomo about.“Moshanyana le Moriana” which was well received. Following that one it was a film titled “Lesika” which portrays the olden days where women would be forced into marriage by fastening their finger with a string called lesika.He made it clear that every piece he has worked on is about Sesotho and not only ancient Sesotho but even the current issues in the societies, things that affect Basotho in this era.

Furthermore, he says many sponsors for this event of its kind are not yet finalized but are on track. As of now they have Zhen Shao of Basotho Pele, Mlex Beauty and Spar, Royal photography, Stay Cool Clothing Brand and Tycoon Series being the major sponsor.Even so they still need more sponsors to make history with this film festival. He said some of the activities to expect at this event include red carpet pictures moment, local music live performances, poetry, stand-up comedy, awards giving and dinner.

“We are hoping to inspire more Sesotho film producers, giving them reason to produce and therefore ensuring the strength of our language in the field of media and entertainment.” he said/ and added on to say the registration is open for all Sesotho films from any country or nationality as long it is Sesotho, the major factor is Sesotho and the submission deadline is on the 15th November 2022.There is motive and importance in everything people do; Khutlisi says the importance of the film festival is to brand Lesotho as the film destiny displaying to the world the work of the local filmmakers.

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