Have the right attitude to believe in yourself



MASERU – Any employee might be the best to have ever set foot through the doors of their company – but if they don’t have the right attitude, they won’t get far.A positive attitude is more than just smiling often and acting cheerful when others are around, it’s a way of looking at the world with optimism and hopefulness, where others would only see obstacles and dead ends.

And this is necessary to a happy and successful professional life, as 22-year-old Nthabiseng ‘Maramane is testament.Widely known as Neido in her circle, Nthabiseng was born and grew up at Hata-butle, Roma, and holds a Diploma in Mass Communication. She is a beauty therapist and a model.Nthabiseng grew up with a unique love for beauty and photography, at this age she could she could already spot the difference between pageantry and modeling.

She began her journey in the industry in 2018 under the wing of Sotho Kids Modelling Agency as a model, but later pulled out in the year 2020.A model, she believes it is crucial, and above all else, to shed reticence as they are required to go out to the world to promote brands or go into fashion.According to her, modeling is a career and it is important as it battles the high unemployment rate, from paid gigs, models are able to earn incomes.

Nthabeleng was raised in a family where everyone is hands on; her father is farmer engaged in both crop and livestock farming while her mother is a tailor and she took the opportunity to learn sewing from her. She says she will never stop sewing as this is a skill that runs in the family – to her it is a lifetime thing.She does a lot of things at the same time, from modeling to sewing to being a beauty therapist; she says this is because she loves learning as life itself never stops teaching and so she manages and balance them well as she sets up schedules for everything she does.Time is the only factor that helps her pull through everything.

Taking about how she learnt and became a beauty therapist she says she is social media activist, not a day or two passes without her being active; ad this habit exposed her to a programme called Women First Self Help Programme where they were looking for females between the age of 18 and 35 to offer a free opportunity of learning about beauty therapy.She jumped on the opportunity and became part of the beauty industry.“I want to thank them for exposing me to a golden home, they woke me up to make up,” she says.

Furthermore, she says what sets her apart from other beauty therapists is her uniqueness as a person not skills. She says Nthabiseng and Neido are two different names and the moment she faces her clients she becomes Neido with full force.Adding on, she says her journey to get to where she is now has not been a walk in the park; nails challenged her to a point where she even thought of quitting – but now she enjoys what she does.

Even so, she says radio will forever be her number one choice as she is a media personality at heart and a beauty therapist by choice.She says she has seen life in the beauty industry and if ever she comes across any opportunity bigger that this one she will keep choosing it over and over again.Nthabeleng continues that there are a lot of profits she makes from the beauty industry but having needs and wants as a person it become little but she is more proud of herself because he built herself up from scratch without any connections or sponsors just herself.

In the community she lives in, she says she gets a lot of support as she is surrounded by people who value beauty and know the importance of being a beautiful person and she serves both men and women.As of now, she works alone and did not employ anyone but sometimes she gets assistance from of her friends Ntsoaki Potsane who is also into makeup. She helps her during the times where they refer to business as booming, when a lot of people come for face beats.

Nthabeleng says she believes in self-employment; her message to her fellow youth is that they should think outside the boxes, explore, learn and be open minded as there are too many youths in this county to expect the government to cater for all of them.“Wake up and make up for yourselves, we are on our own and we got us before anybody,” she says, and goes on to add that no one is going to do anything for them not even their own mothers; she says they should seek help and guidance from those who have experience and above all they should remain humble and let God do the wonders.“In short, I can say I pray to God that I own a beauty spa, fully furnished and comfortable,” she concluded.

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