Miss Lesotho dumps beauty queen



MASERU – Miss Lesotho has parted ways with the pageant’s 2022 Runner-up, Liteboho Makoetje.The 2022 Miss Lesotho beauty contest was held in September this year, with Lintle Masasa crowned queen, while Liteboho and Refiloe Lefothoane were runners-up. Miss Lesotho management has issued an official statement announcing the body’s decision to release Liteboho from her duties as the Miss Lesotho 2022 Runner-up.

“We have come to realise that Makoetje’s character or personality we are experiencing is different from the one we had engaged and interacted with over the past few months, such that we no longer find her to be a good fit for our team,” reads the Miss Lesotho statement. “Makoetje shall no longer use the title nor sash of Miss Lesotho 2022 Runner-up.”The statement further reads: “Liteboho is very great on stage and we can only hope that as she continues to grow within the industry, she will grow to be a better, stronger, and successful woman.”

Miss Lesotho has also indicated in the same statement that upon consultation with all relevant stakeholders they have decided not to replace Makoetje.They say they will remain with Lintle and the other runner-up Refiloe as ambassadors for the 2022 pageant.“We have decided not to replace her, but instead continue with just two ladies at the forefront of Miss Lesotho 2022 and her deputy, both of whom we strongly believe will continue to push forward the objectives of Miss Lesotho organisation,” further reads the statement.

But Liteboho tells a different story. She says she’s the one who dumped the organisation.“I am the one who saw that the relationship will not last hence I left,” Liteboho said in an interview with Public Eye. “The dismissal statement by the organization is just the tip of an iceberg.”Liteboho said she had never enjoyed her time as Miss Lesotho runner-up. She said the organisation used to accuse her of poor participation.

“The organization expected me to work for the brand of Miss Lesotho without any benefits. They wanted me to make official appearances at my expense.”Liteboho further said: “The organization had no professional photographer, makeup artists, and wardrobe sponsors nor hair sponsor, which I found very unfair for the national title holder to serve as the face and representative of the brand so huge like Miss Lesotho, that I had to pay for my expenses while promoting its brand.”

Liteboho revealed that the Miss Lesotho organization once advised her to drop some of the brands and mentors who used to support her. She said the organisation said that even before she could be part of Miss Lesotho.“But they had nothing on the table to replace them. I had to choose between my brand as Liteboho Makoetje and serving the Miss Lesotho organization for free,” Makoetje said.

“I was advised to smoke weed in some cases when I could not participate in activities due to family personal issues. I was told weed is the best medicine by the organization.”Makoetje further said: “I am a very assertive young lady and which is why I am mostly misjudged to be rude. I stand up for my voice, and my rights and I protect Liteboho Makoetje at any cost in this pageant industry. Exploitation is the last thing Liteboho Makoetje will stand for.”

Makoetje, however, said she still respected the Miss Lesotho brand.“I have a huge respect for the Miss Lesotho organization and I wish them growth and wisdom, to keep creating platforms to empower young women in this great country.”Approached to react to Liteboho’s revelations the Miss Lesotho National Director, Modulela Monyake, said the reason they made a brief statement about Makoetje’s dismissal was to avoid sensitive matters in the public domain.She said Makoetje’s actions did not reflect her spoken words.

“There were specific incidents where she made false statements against other contestants and would recant when we tried to address such things,” Monyake said.“Again, she seemed to be non-committal and would reflect this in her communication and efforts and she shared on her social spaces that the Miss Lesotho title was nothing compared to the other titles she holds, showing disrespect and disregard to our brand.”

Monyake also claimed that Liteboho would explicitly mention that she did not believe in doing any community service work unless she was scheduled for international participation.The Miss Lesotho boss further denied that her organisation advised Makoetje to smoke weed.The organisation indicated in its statement that Monyake rather shared her trauma with Liteboho.“The Director (Monyake) shared a personal trauma experience with Makoetje, to which Director suggested that Makoetje rather not opt for marijuana, but rather consult a medical doctor for a proper diagnosis and appropriate prescription.” reads the statement.Liteboho was crowned Miss Back to School 2015, Miss Maseru Day High School 2016 and Miss High Schools 2016.


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