LNDC showcase Basotho products in China International Import Expo



SHANGHAI: The Lesotho National Development Corporation take part in sixth edition of the China International Important Expo (CIIE) to showcase the products from various Basotho enterprises in the field of manufacturing, agriculture and aggro-processing. The exhibition is held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th.

The CIIE exhibition was officially opened by Premier of China Li Qiang on Sunday 5th November. In his speech Li said China is opening up to give a much needed boost to the stalling global economy and improve business ties with its major trading partners.

Addressing over 1000 people from different business sectors and government officials, Li assured that China will further relax policies and buy more goods from foreign countries to offer opportunities to international businesses. “China’s middle class has colossal buying power with a huge potential for foreign businesses”, Li said at the world’s biggest expo.

This edition of the CIIE has set a new record with 289 Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in attendance. Over 3,400 exhibitors and 394,000 professional visitors have registered for the event, signifying a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels.

This year’s CIIE has attracted 154 countries, regions and international organizations, including the least developed, developing and developed nations. Over 400 new products, technologies and services are expected to be unveiled during this year’s expo.

The CIIE shares development opportunities with the world’s least developed countries. In this year’s Country Exhibition, 16 of the 69 countries are the world’s least developed countries. The giant expo also promotes the entry of local specialty products from these least developed countries into the Chinese market by providing free booths, subsidies and preferential tax policies.

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