Moshoeshoe’s day to be marked in style



MASERU: Moshoeshoe’s Day is around the corner and the founder of Rich Lane Entertainment, Molantoa Mokhali, will on March 9 host a “Made in Lesotho” festival which seeks to embrace culture and honour King Moshoeshoe in style.

Lesotho annually celebrates Moshoeshoe’s Day on March 11 to commemorate the death of the country’s founder which was on March 11, 1870.

Moshoeshoe is regarded both as a great diplomat and a great leader in Lesotho and globally and he worked for the preservation of the country’s language, art, and culture.

Since March 11 falls on a Monday this year, Mokhali says he figured it would be wise to host the festival on the Saturday preceding that Monday of Moshoeshoe’s Day. He says he has realised that the entertainment industry is doing little or nothing at all to commemorate the day which carries a huge significance on the Basotho nation.

“The truth is we would not be having peace and freedom if it were not because of the wise leadership of King Moshoeshoe so the least we could do is celebrate him for being the hero that he was and still is.

“Yes, we have turned a blind eye to our culture but icons like King Moshoeshoe have to constantly be commemorated so that coming generations can keep his memory,” Mokhali says.

He adds that although there is no denying that Basotho are fast shifting from their culture and norms, the most important thing is for them to, by no means at all, forget where they come from.

The adage: “For you to know where you are going, you have to know where you are coming from” is absolutely true, he notes.

Being the founder of an entertainment company which acts as a voice over artists, event organisers, and promotions, he felt obliged to begin what will be the start of an annual routine.

Since patriotism is at the heart of the festival people who wish to attend the carnival are expected to be in cultural wear or on locally produced clothing.

A festival is incomplete without a series of music performances and Mokhali indicates that the line-up, like many other things, shall consist of strictly local artistes of different genres such as rap, Sesotho, jazz, accapella, and poetry.

Mokhali also indicates that people are welcome to sell or showcase locally produced brands from food to clothing. Performers include Lemeke oa Mochini, Ts’epo Khekhenchane, Riffle 3shorts, Spinanzo, KTA Kings and many others with the MCs being Wanda and Bee.

Mokhali further emphasises that the aim is to carry on embracing everything that has everything to do with Lesotho and Basotho through the Made in Lesotho festival.

He says by so doing they will be setting themselves apart from others and convincing other nations that they are capable of pulling huge crowds with Lesotho’s very own God-given talents.


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