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MASERU – Ultimate Radio queen of the airwaves Noxxie, born and raised Ntebaleng Mokhali in Roma, Mahlabatheng in Maseru, says she loves radio.

At just the age 24 she has multitudes loving and following her because of her rather deep hoarse instead of smooth normally known for women.

Mokhali started her early educational journey at Mahlabatheng Primary School, went to Mahlabatheng High School and later progressed to Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where she pursued and obtained an Associate Degree in Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Her radio career started when she was attached with Lesotho Natinoal Broadcasting Service for her academic internship.

This gave her the much awaited window of opportunity with listeners who got impressed with her and from then on she has been acing the medium waves.

“To me, being in a radio movement is exciting. It is actually more than a career itself. If anything it is passion and the will power to change lives. Bringing myself to the mic and creating a magic out of just being the best and authentic me is super. Above all I wish to show that Lesotho has talent in radio and that we can challenge just about anything with the medium of radio,” Noxxie exclaimed

Noxxie says she sees radio as being hard and easy at the same time.

This she says is because “there are challenges along the way such as criticism and judgement from the outside” but then one gets better with time and resilience sort of inevitably builds up eventually.

She says when she first embarked on this journey she did not know so much adding that how one carries herself from body language and manner of talking is far different from a random person doing all of that outside radio.

“Being on radio is more or less like being given an essay where you would have to break it down in simpler terms and yet colorful and exciting for your audience to get hooked. Imagine being a five page essay and be tasked to summarize it to one page and still retain its originality and excitement. That is not easy but can become a skill that gets better and better with time.

“I would compare my journey to wine – you know the longer it sits is the better it becomes. That is exactly that way too with radio.

“Radio is fun and easy as you continue. Passion makes everything possible and then the people, be out there and mingle with them at the same time finding out what they want,” so that one finds out exactly what tickles the practice perfects it,” she adds.

She says in as much as she finds radio quite reviving and easy, there are hard times.

This she says is because “it invooves entertaining people, getting involved with audience.

“So yes that is why I first said it is both hard and easy being on the air waves. One thing I must also mention is that it is also challenging to go out on field, because standing in front of hundreds of people has had me uneasy and to have to keep them entertained and lead them in some way is hard. But then again where there is will there is power. So radio is fun and will unleash the best of you that you never even thought existed in the first place,” Noxxie said.

She says she aligns herself with people who are in the same field because that is how one gets to grow and draw inspiration from those above her level.

She added that she has colleagues who have been in the game way before her and she definitely looks up to them.

Noxxie says principles that govern her daily living are pretty simple and wishes to share them with everyone and those are: prays, eat well, have fun but be responsible.

On top of all that she urges people to never be ashamed of their downfalls they build us tomorrow if we acknowledge them.

Noxxie ssays she does not believe in faking it at all.


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