Ghana-bound beauty queen ‘promises her all’



MASERU – Miss Lesotho First Princess 2019 Refiloe Pitso will on August 20 represent Lesotho at the Miss Heritage Global scheduled to take place in Accra, Ghana.

The contestant who is crowned first princess from the national pageant is automatically made Miss Heritage Lesotho. So having scooped the tittle, Pitso is the reigning Lesotho’s Miss Heritage.

Miss Heritage Global was founded in 2013 for the purpose of promoting the preservation of the global heritage as well as to create an environment of culture sharing to inspire tolerance as more communities are becoming diverse around the world.

The event, scheduled for August 20, is expected to bring 55 beautiful women from various countries across the world to compete for the prestigious crown.

The main event will take place at the Accra International Conference Centre.

During her reign as Miss Heritage Lesotho, Pitso’s worksclosely with the Good Shepherd Home where she seeks to help teenage mothers and human trafficking victims trying to raise awareness about the terrible trend, especially among beauty queens and to help such victims avoid falling prey to human trafficking again.

“Young girls are usually promised jobs and pageantry opportunities abroad that do not exist, only for them to find that it is just a trap by human traffickers. I therefore urge all the beauty queens to follow correct procedures, and do a thorough background research before taking up any international pageantry offer,” Pitso says.

To help her targets (teenage mothers and human trafficking victims) raise funds and means of survival, Pitso links these often neglected members of society with the knowlegeable in the handicraft sector for them to be taught self-sustaining skills so they can put bread on the table.

She, however, laments that the skills asscoiated are becoming extinct as young people shun them.

Pitso is therefore working with relevant stakeholders to try and help people retain the skill which is currently only common with elderly.

The Ghana-bound Miss Heritage Lesotho is also partnering with the ministry of tourism to come up with what are called ‘selfie spots’.

Selfie spots are guides for tourists who visit Lesotho that show different tourists attraction locations that could give them a Lesotho experience.

Pitso says she seeks all kind of support from Basotho in order for her trip to Ghana to be a success.

She in return promises to give the pageant her all and hopefully make Basotho who have faith in her proud.

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