Basotho New Year marked for second year going



MASERU – August 1 marks the Basotho New Year which is said to serve as introspection towards correction.

Celebrated under the theme “Moea oa Selemo” (the spirit of the year), the Basotho New Year, is aimed at promoting unity among families and friends, a time for new resolutions to be set, a time that promotes charity work and the time for praying for a better year than the previous one.

The new year is also said to serve as a reminder about where Lesotho comes from for a nation that does not know where it comes from, will not know where it is going.

Basotho are therefore urged to commemorate the spirit of the year through film festivals, appreciating their own language, showcasing their attires or apparel, music and performing arts, food and beverages, travel and tourism and other means.

The Minister of Tourism Environment and Culture Joang Molapo says if there is anything a country markets itself with is its culture.

Molapo indicates that everywhere he goes people speak of the beauty of Lesotho.

He further says things like music, language, food, and attire are what set Lesotho apart from other countries.

Molapo also maintains that it is high time Basotho did some serious introspection and figured what it is that their country has in store for other nations.

This, he says, emphasising that it is through tourism that Lesotho can prosper.

He explains that globally, tourism is the second sector after mining that creates jobs and improves the economy of a country.

He therefore urged Basotho to explore various tourist attraction in the country before they could start crossing to other countries.

He indicates that there are a lot of local attractive holiday destinations that Basotho could visit thereby promoting and boosting their own tourism sector first.

That way, the minister says it will also be easier for foreigners to keep touring Lesotho as they would have realised that even Basotho value their own country.

He also says he will do everything in his power to push for August 1 to be declared a holiday just as the January 1 is.

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