Should you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



Maseru- Majority of youths find it unnecessary to celebrate Valentine because they believe it’s just a day like other.

They also think that it is just a day that comes to clear their pocket for no good reason.

Some have turned it into a days for chocolate boxes and red roses while some see it as a day for lovers and friends to buck up the courage to share their typically unsaid feelings of appreciation and adoration with each other.

For others it is an overrated exercise for companies to market cheap cards and candles in the hope that men and women will buy the half quality out of induce love obligation.

For Poleliso Nkhabu, 28, there are more deserving days to celebrate than to waste time and money on Valentine’s. This is a day for someone they don’t even know, she opines.

“I really don’t see a need to celebrate this day as I am not even sure why it should be celebrated. I have so many special days that I can celebrate with my partner,” she explains.

Nothandiwe Monyane, 27, adds that some couples are straight up good at love.

She says she doesn’t see a need to celebrate Valentine’s in order to validate her bond with her partner.

She concludes by saying the day is boring because it is highly commercialized as a day of forced love.

Khothatso Motsamai, 25, says, “There are so many other things to celebrate in relationship. One of them is to celebrate an achievement in relationship, than a calendar day that dictates how to show your love for your special someone.”

Dintle Seutloali, 26, does not see any problem celebrating love on February 14, She opines that this day is internationally known for celebrating love.

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