Gala dinner to honour Basotho culture




MASERU – In commemoration of Basotho year, Face of Lesotho will host a Culture Affair gala dinner to embrace Basotho culture and ethnicity.

The event will be held on August 13 at the ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre as part of the occasion meant to celebrate Basotho’s new year and their roots.

Although it is all about culture, the event is also meant to be an elegant traditional way of celebrating culture. They are not looking for strictly traditional attire, but are looking for modern outfits with a touch of cultural design as well as traditional food and dances.

There will be a rendition of mohobelo, mokhibo, litolobonya and cultural dances, games such as selialia and morabaraba as well as food like nyekoe, motoho, lipabi, seqhaqhabola, likahare and maqebekoane on offer.

While it is not obligatory to attend donning the hard-core traditional thethana or leqapha, seshoeshoe, and seana-marena designs, traditional attire is expected for those in attendance. The objective is to modernise the attire even though it will still portray core elements of the Bosotho culture in it. Some of the activities include history telling, poetry and some of Basotho games.

“I came with idea of this event because I realised that as Basotho, especially the young generation, we have to have an understanding of who we are because our roots as a nation are often disregarded in our country whereas it is very important to actually celebrate it,” says Face of Lesotho director, Lintle Setho.

He states that the event is still at the foundational stage, therefore, they are only expecting about 200 people or a little more, including the participation of the tourism sector in the form of the Lesotho Tourism Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Tourism.

Artiste ’M’e Puseletso Seema is expected to grace the event, with the presence also of TV personality Nomaswati Letšolo, Omali Themba, poets and other local artistes yet to be confirmed.

Most important, organisers are looking at hosting King Letsie III even though confirmation of his attendance has not yet been received. “It has been challenging to secure some of these big artistes. So far there are no confirmed collaborations but we are in the process of securing them.”

This will be the first time that Face of Lesotho hosts such an event but having hosted other events before they plan to make this one an annual event. Face of Lesotho is a registered non-profit making multi-platform lifestyle organisation with a mission of becoming the largest lifestyle corporate in the country with the vision of improving events management and coordination.

The 10th coronation was held in February.

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